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The privacy, or rather, relative anonymity, of this blog has been infiltrated. Predictably, my post on the “Virtues of a Breath Mint” was the point of entry (by one of my co-workers…check the last comment). I can’t stand the possibility of the doctors, nurses, or front desk people reading this blog and telling me about it. I don’t know exactly why that would bother me, but it does. I guess it’s because I don’t really know many of these people and I’d like to keep my work relationships strictly professional, and nothing beyond that. And this blog hasn’t even been in existence that long. I don’t know how fast this stuff happens on average but I think this might be one of the quickest it’s taken. My creative and personal freedom while writing posts already feels shackled and limited. I’m brainstorming new names for my blog now. I really like this name though…It’s a Sigur Ros song (the subtitle is a quote from a Beatles song).

Songs of the Day:

Page France – “Everybody Knows” (.m4a)  / (album link)
The Strokes – “Is This It?”
/ (album link)
The Smiths – “I Know It’s Over” / (album link)
The Kinks – “I Gotta Move”
/ (album link)
A Tribe Called Quest – “Keeping It Moving” (.m4a)  / (album link)
Death Cab for Cutie – “Different Names for the Same Thing”
/ (album link)

Update:Oh whatever…I’m staying put. I like this particular little space in the blogosphere.

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overworked cafeine espresso

I can’t blog for a while. I have:

a University of California transfer application to finish and turn in
4 Shakespeare plays to read
2 film adaptations of a Shakespeare play to watch
6 papers to write on those plays and films

6 “scholarly” articles/essays to read
6 essay responses to those articles/essays to write
1 ten-page paper utilizing those 6 articles, 2 films, and 2 plays with an independently developed thesis that has to be utterly brilliant (oh, and of course, the bibliography has to be annotated, just to make us write that much more)

1 novel to read
1 more 10-page paper
1 additional paper

2 short essays
3 photography projects

1 test
1 presentation to give
4 final exams

all to be done within the next THREE weeks. And I have to work (I’ve requested time off…don’t think it will work). It’s insane. But I think I could at least finish everything…don’t know much about the quality of work, but I think I could get it done. I probably won’t be seen much for the next few weeks. Don’t file a missing person’s report…unless, you know, I’m really missing.

Songs of the Day (follow links to download page): [order may closely mirror my thought process in these three weeks]

Muse – “Time is Running Out”

Mae – “Brink of Disaster”
Alexi Murdoch – “Dream About Flying”
Queen – “Don’t Try Suicide”

UPDATE: This is the last week. I have to turn in some of the stuff by this Tuesday, 12/11, and I also have two finals within that time. I think I’m pretty much dead, academically speaking. I’m fighting for my academic life right now. AHHH! (and yet I still waste time to blog.) UPDATE #2: My professor gave an extension. Everything that’s left on that list is due on Monday! I have a full weekend! Wooooo!

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