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So I found a pretty funny picture on one of the featured blogs on the WordPress home page:

Before anyone gets all crazy, I know a bit about the complexity of the issue and have some understanding of the reasons for (and against) what was done. I just got a good chuckle out of this =)

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The Beatles – “You Never Give Me Your Money”
Radiohead – “Dollars and Cents”

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I don’t know anyone who hasn’t seen the slick, heart-stirring, inspirational “music video” of Obama’s speech. It has all kinds of celebrities — famous, semi-famous, unknown — singing, speaking, or acting like they’re singing or speaking along to Obama’s powerful words.

The message is very general, large, sweeping, and all-encompassing — which is a smart move. You’ve got to make sure as many people as possible agree with you when it comes to campaign messages. After watching it, even though I have no idea what exactly “we can” do, I know we sure as hell can do it: .

All joking aside, it is a very effective video and for me, being a big music fan, I can’t think of a campaign message that has gotten my attention like this one. (Other than, you know, “Vote or Die.” That was the reason why I voted last time. For fear that I’d have a cap busted in my ass.)

And it looks like the Republican side doesn’t want to let this wave of music-infused motivational speeches pass them by. Senator John McCain has jumped onto the bandwagon…although the video description on the youtube page states McCain supporters came up with this idea first and Obama people stole it. This is probably old news but oh well. I’m almost never on the cutting edge or the inside of the “loop.”

I’m not a big politics person. But for the record, the candidate who I believed was the closest to being an ideal president only garnered like 5 percent of the vote in the primaries: Ron Paul, that nice old doctor from Texas.

I originally had links to Ron Paul and a few more sentences of Ron Paul gushing in this post but I decided to take them off…it looked kind of annoying… Okay, I couldn’t resist. Here is Ron Paul on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report because, well…those shows rock. And so does Ron Paul.

He couldn’t get my vote because I couldn’t vote in the Republican primary. I’m in California and there’s some rule here about me not being a Republican or….yeah…I’m not sure how it all works. But yeah…he didn’t get many votes at all. I’m still recovering from his crushing defeat. But no matter how many votes he got (or failed to get), Ron Paul did make a difference. The Political Inquirer talks about what exactly the “Ron Paul Revolution” meant. Go there and read about the education revolution that is taking place.

I’ll decide who I want to vote for in the big one within the next few months. (I’m sort of leaning towards Obama as the best of the rest. But I have a long time to decide.)

Songs of the Day:

Switchfoot – “Politicians” / (album link)
Elbow – “Leaders of the Free World” / (album link)
Mos Def – “War”
/ (album link)
The Roots – “False Media” / (album link)
The Beatles – “Revolution 1”
/ (album link)

*This will probably be the only time I will ever directly mention politics on here.

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