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Directly inspired by “The Campaign for Berkeley”

See more info on my facebook.

Just go to it…see it…comment on it…spread the word…become a part of a movement.

Together, we can become a truly powerful satirical force.

(Well…I decided that I’ll limit it to my facebook friends…but hey we could still be a movement!)


After the rains washed down my first attempt, I set aside some time to put up my spare while moving out of my apartment.




Mission Accomplished!

Songs of the Day:

The Beach Boys – “Be True to Your School”
Ben Folds – “Bastard”
The Beatles – “Money”
Page France – “Million Man Money Hand”
Rilo Kiley – “The Moneymaker” (What UC Berkeley apparently thinks I am)

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[ found via movement, movement ]

So I found a pretty funny picture on one of the featured blogs on the WordPress home page:

Before anyone gets all crazy, I know a bit about the complexity of the issue and have some understanding of the reasons for (and against) what was done. I just got a good chuckle out of this =)

Songs of the Day:

The Beatles – “You Never Give Me Your Money”
Radiohead – “Dollars and Cents”

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