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That, my friends, was a life-insurance commercial. Okay, everyone knows Asians are way ahead of the game in technology. But marketing? That’s a Western thing right? The O.G. Capitalists?? The video above says otherwise.

Asians (especially Koreans) are famous (or infamous?) for their sappy, saccharine, sickeningly emotion-drenched television dramas and movies centered on a family member, lover, pizza delivery guy, or whoever dying. So they combined the talent they have for the emotional-overload, tear-jerker effect of those movies with the bottom-line, money making machine of capitalism — to sell life insurance! Wow…this sure blows those All-State commercials with the black dude from 24 right out of the water. They could be selling athlete’s foot powder and I’d probably buy a case of it if I saw this on my TV screen.

I definitely felt a little tug in my heart though. I hope I never connect that tug at my heart with a tug at my wallet. I almost feel flat out exploited after watching that.

But they still have much to work on with their consistency. Here’s proof that they are still perfecting their craft:

A little too in-your-face huh? Just a little too forced and a tad too direct, one might say. There are other commercials from them of varying mediocrity, which can only mean… that there’s room for us “Westerners” to catch up right? Let’s do it! We can’t let these guys beat us at this game! You call yourselves capitalists…Get creative people!

Seriously though. I wonder how State Farm’s or All-State’s spin on these will look…

Eh…that was nice. Pleasant, happy music. Good, sunshiny vibes. But is it a mother giving birth prematurely so the father, who is fighting brain cancer with every fiber in his body, can hold their newborn son before he dies (while also showing the recorded videotape message of the first, and last, father-to-son talk)?

Yeah, um, Liberty Mutual? You’ve got a long way to go.

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