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Dedicated to Oyl Miller.

I saw the worst minds of my generation uplifted and upkept by commerce and goals and finance and booze and pbr-fueled late-night whatever-tv-showathons, spiritually starved for satisfaction in a world void of satisfying factions, stomping through playgrounds made up of scholarships and inadequate financial aid packages — Obama-led fiscal promises of a scholarly sort — surrounded by stale dorm food masquerading as environmentally sound nonsense, ethanol-fueled utensils that crumble and whimper into pebble crumbs when broken. I saw. . .

. . . I saw this, I saw that, I saw me…part of that and this mess alike. And I say nothing. Because there is no point. Only dull, numbing, monotonous, claustrophobically silent panic gnawing at the fringes of my moral and civic consciousness. Endlessly and ceaselessly. And mercilessly. And carelessly. With an eerily, scarily, frighteningly exacting, random precision that outpaces any of my postmodernly scattered, fucked up best intentions. And “So it goes…” a wise, grumpy, jaded old man once said when he wasn’t that old and grumpy but just enough jaded.

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