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So it’s that time of the year again. The family’s all back together, the chestnuts are roasting, the air is cooler, the heart is warmer…

Yes, that’s right, it is time for another volume of Bomb Diggity Jams!

(Note: I’d like to apologize for missing out on the Fall edition…things were just TOO crazy this semester and I didn’t have time to put it all together. But that just means next year’s Fall edition will kick that much more ass!)

Well, no time to talk much. I will say that Side A is for the more contemplative/reflective days of winter and Side B is for the more fun, reminiscing/memory-making days.

Here’s the tracklist, with a few selected songs available for download (just right-click and save-as). The whole thing is available for download at the link below (go to the page and download the .zip file).

Side A: (more…)

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All right, after my 2200-word post about the Spurs, I feel a need to write more about them. This one will be about my favorite player in the NBA, Manu Ginobili.


Tim Duncan may be the player I respect most on the team (and the league), and it feels like Tony Parker is my really talented kid brother or something (even though he’s older than me), but Manu…he’s the guy I look up to the most. I want him to succeed so badly because he wants to succeed more than anything else. Everything he does on the court is driven by a pure desire to win…for his team to win. I’d even say his drive is on par with the one and only Michael Jordan.

He has the drive, but he hasn’t been blessed with the genes. He doesn’t have the 6’8″ 274(!) lb frame of Lebron. He doesn’t have the 50-foot vertical of Vince Carter.

You know what? My friends over at PtR (they’re not really my friends) wrote an awesome post about this guy a few months ago, after the Spurs were eliminated by the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. It was inspiring. It brought tears to my eyes. And I’ll quote from it right now: (more…)

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Directly inspired by “The Campaign for Berkeley”

See more info on my facebook.

Just go to it…see it…comment on it…spread the word…become a part of a movement.

Together, we can become a truly powerful satirical force.

(Well…I decided that I’ll limit it to my facebook friends…but hey we could still be a movement!)


After the rains washed down my first attempt, I set aside some time to put up my spare while moving out of my apartment.




Mission Accomplished!

Songs of the Day:

The Beach Boys – “Be True to Your School”
Ben Folds – “Bastard”
The Beatles – “Money”
Page France – “Million Man Money Hand”
Rilo Kiley – “The Moneymaker” (What UC Berkeley apparently thinks I am)

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