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Everyone knows this film kicks some serious ass.

So I’m not going to regurgitate comments about the complex and brilliantly dark villains, the depth of the overarching themes, or the mind-blowing action scenes. I’m not even going to talk about the “disappearing pencil” trick.

What I will talk about is a deleted scene from the film that was released just a few days ago. I could understand why it was cut, considering the characters in it never appear anywhere else in the film and the scene itself is a rather unnecessary tangent. But I can’t help but imagine how the film would’ve looked if it was left in.

Is it just me or does the girl kind of look like Maggie Gyllenhaal?

Song of the Day:

Brian Wilson – “Heroes and Villains”

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Wow…it’s been a while. I’ve become quite neglectful of this little blog here. There’s just been so much going on. Well, not really, but it certainly felt like a lot was going on.

I had been working a bit more and was a little more tired than usual, which isn’t anything to complain about, but combine that with the increased laziness in the summer…and you get over a month without an update on my blog.

Well, I guess I’ll sort out some of the things that I have been doing these past few weeks.


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